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Match 1Frankie Zapatelli is in rare form, meaner than ever she is demanding someone to take out her frustrations on, she is telling her manager that if he doesn’t find her someone soon, it will be him she works over – that is not going to happen, he quickly finds a cute blonde in the changing room (Nikki Lee Young). Nikki doesn’t know why she needed to sign such an extreme waiver but she did it – not long after she is in the ring with the savage mauler, Frankie Z, she knows what the release was for. Frankie in her hot red bikini goes to town on the poor blonde; savage chokes, smothers, head scissors, pile driver and so many more, and with each one she strips off more clothes till sweet Nikki is left in just her black lingerie bikini bottoms. Now there is only enough time for a little humiliation as the brunette beauty leaves her mark on the knocked out blonde – Frankie at her dominate best and Nikki as a great blonde rag doll !!!!!

Match 2 -Love these outfits, statuesque Hollywood in a sexy red, white and blue flag bikini and muscular Max in a stunning silver sex suit. They are both beautiful women but these outfits truly accentuate their beauty. The big blonde doesn’t see any problem handling the brunette beauty, she tells how she will destroy her and do it early and with ease and after a hard kick to Max’s side she starts making good on her promise. She whips Max to the corner and after working her over she throws her to the mat for a killer waist scissors, leg destruction, arm bar, hits and what seems like a final choke, no, Hollywood has even more destruction to rain down on poor Max. But our brown beauty is way too tough not to take her turn at destruction, and when she is in control she really makes the beautiful blonde pay big time for all the pain she received. She concentrates mostly on chokes and smothers, every kind she can think of, with her legs arms and hands she chokes and then adds suffocating smothers, plus some great holds and slugs. In the end one lady is tied and receiving the ultimate smother – big sexy girls showing how destruction should be done !!!!!!

Match 3Odette DeLacroix is pissed that she can’t go anywhere without Diana Knight hitting on her like a drunken sailor. Finally, she calls Dianna out and tries to beat the love out of her. Dianna loves the idea. She smiles with glee as she grabs and fondles Odette’s tight little body. It isn’t long before Odette is running around the ring terrified. Odette is repeatedly smothered and forced to feel Dianna’s voluptuous body being carefully rubbed against her own. Dianna easily picks up the tiny young blonde and smothers the life out of her. The video ends with the pathetic youngster being choked into unconsciousness. So sit back and enjoy a tragic comedy of epic proportion.


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