Match 1Hannah Perez and Goldie Blair, so good to get these two together, both such wild hot wrestlers! Hannah is trying to set up a match with Goldie when she finds out the busty red head has been hitting on her boyfriend, her blood boils as she tells Mark what she is going to do to her, she finishes dressing in her fancy dress, heels and nylons and it’s off to the ring she goes. Goldie is at the ring having photos done in her heels nylons and lingerie – an enraged Hannah enters but before a fight breaks out we set the match and the rules, the girls strip to nylons and bikinis. Here comes a multi fall match that you will love because it’s filled with drama and action, the tops are ripped off as each attacks both breasts and crotches. Great holds, hits and kicks, it’s back and forth with blood and drama and of course some ass kissing humiliation of the loser — Hannah and Goldie, these two go wild, trust me, you will love those two !!!!!

Match 2 -Beautiful nylon clad butts, oh yes and these two ladies have gorgeous behinds that each goes after with abandon. Melissa Jacobs and Christina Carter are topless and ready to rumble and there is something about ladies with nothing on but nylons that seems to get them in a wild mood, and wild are these two beauties as they go after each other in every possible way; Melissa pushes Christina almost out of the ring as she attacks her butt and crotch, the target is just too irresistible, Christina also drapes the red head out of the ring and attacks her breasts, fabulous poses used for destruction. Breast and crotch attacks are accompanied by wedgies, corner action and holds especially scissors, and oh that breast destruction, both ladies stretch that tender flesh by the nipples then gouge and dig in those nails. Women are so sexy in nylons – nothing but nylons and wild women, it doesn’t get any better !!!!!

Match 3 -Beautiful bodies dressed for the town; nylons, short skirts, blouses and heels, but these ladies are only going to town on each other, Miko Sinz and Angela Sommers are getting ready for a lady like cat fight. Yes this is another of those great breast gouging cat fights that have tons of cat balling and tit destruction. Through the bras the red nails dig, then to their knees where they wrap their arms and get ready to roll, but it’s not long and they are back to the bosom battering, now those red nails dig into the tender flesh of these female chests. Those short skirts ride up their sexy asses as they roll across the floor then back again. Now the blonde gets behind Miko and really gets a chance to dig her nails deep into the pert breasts of the gorgeous Asian, then the tables turn and the fleshy breasts of Angela get their turn at destruction. Beautiful women, sexy clothes, and a wild rolling breast battle – oh boy !!!!!!


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