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Match 1Cali Logan is a perfect little brunette and Danielle Trixie is a dreamy blonde. The match begins with the ladies standing, statuesque, in their corners wearing nothing but thongs. This video has something for everyone: breast mauling, wedgies, hair pulling, and lots of choking. These young babes have high pitched squeals, tight bodies, and tons of energy. I can’t tell you who wins the match, but you should know that the loser is suffocated under the glorious young flesh of her opponent’s buttocks. Watching the soft cheek flesh pull away only to reveal the dopey look of unconsciousness on the loser’s face is priceless.

Match 2Akira Lane is pissed about Tylene Buck hitting on her man. Akira is pacing the floor in her tiny white skirt when Tylene storms in ready to attack. The two furious females get right to the violence. Harrowing wedgies are coupled with finger vanishing crotch mauling. This video may be the most crotch torture a DT video has ever boasted. The groin destruction is almost constant in this fight. Perhaps the women want to leave their opponents’ vertical eye of god irreparably ruined, so the man they are fighting over will no longer be interested. This barbaric showdown is sublimely beautiful.

Match 3JC Marie and Cherie Deville may have the two best bodies in the entire female wrestling universe. They are also gorgeous blondes. Today they face each other in the sluttiest lingerie they could find. The thigh high stockings are a nice touch, and do a great job of accentuating their plump back ends. JC and Cheries’ globular golden glutes are the star of this video. There are multiple scenes of lotion application, butt wiggling, and butt grabbing. If there is a golden ratio for the perfect amount of bubble for a superb bubble butt, these girls have it. Make sure there are no sharp objects on the ground when you watch this video, because when you see the asses on these girls, your jaw will surely hit the floor.


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