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Match 1Hannah Perez is new to DT so who better to break her in than the hard hitting Goldie Blair. Both of these girls have big knockers and pretty faces to match. They don’t waste time with shit talking, they get right down to the dirty work. Face sitting and crotch grabbing are standard form for these hard working brunettes. The bikini tops come off rather quickly in this knock down drag out cat fight. Any hardcore DT wrestling fan is going to love this throw back match. The squeezes are tight, the hits are hard, and the women are absolutely stunning.

Match 2 -Rolling, rolling, rolling, let’s keep those bodies rolling – roll on. Danielle Trixie and Cali Logan are decked out in booty shorts and heels as they start this fight with a savage hair pulling contest that takes them to the mat where we have our first entertaining rolling bout, yes this is just one of many close body rolling sections in this match. They roll breast to breast, legs intertwined and after each time they take off more clothes till they are left only in very skimpy g-strings. They are also constantly sponging each other off so their young bodies glisten with drips of water mixed with sweat. They also roll into a great sixty-nine position giving their hands a better chance to dig deep into their gorgeous butt flesh. And speaking of butts, after one of the water dousings they go ass to ass as their beautiful behinds smash together in varied positions. Yes it is mostly sexy rolling but we also have great hair pulling, bear hugs, and some dog walking, so let those sleek legs intertwine as the bodies smash together and roll baby roll !!!!!

Match 3 -Test of strength turns into a bear hug where they take each others tops off and squeeze those luscious breasts, then it’s some bare fisted slamin’ – and this is all in the first three minutes, because that’s what you get when you have two of the sexiest blondes around; JC Marie and Nikki Lee. Oh boy are these two blondes fun, with every move they make, with every look we take, it gets better and better. Yes, it’s not just their fabulous bodies but their fun attitudes, whether they’re grabbing crotches or breasts they talk the talk, nobody enjoys all this more than naughty Nikki, she just loves tweaking JC’s pert nipples. One great match full of breast slams, head punches and chokes as their blonde locks intertwine. It all ends with one blonde smothering the other with her sweet breasts then proceeds to wrap her hands around her neck and choke, choke, choke. Sexy, sexy blondes – two of your favorites in one super fun match !!!!!


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