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Match 1Jessica Bangkok and Kianna Dior boast some of the largest Asian titties in the known universe. The first half of the video consists of each girl being interviewed about their first catfight and their love for fighting in panty hose. The second half of the video features the busty eastern beauties getting topless and fighting for the love of the same man. While their breasts are wobbling to and fro, their butts are perfectly encased in sexy sheer panty hose. Jessica and Kianna may seem sweet, but they are ruthless fighters. They curse, grunt, and cheat their asses off. Check out this big tittied Asian panty hose match or you’ll regret it!

Match 2Randy Moore and JC Marie are busting at the seams to get into a “hot and dirty catfight” complete with panty hose and mini skirts. These blonde beauties are proof that perfection exists. They have it all: big tits, round asses, and gorgeous faces. Watching them squeeze and rub against each other in such a violent fashion is what this match is all about. They moan, fight, and undress all while a topless brunette yells obscenities and orders at them. Randy and JC’s perfectly manicured nails dig deeply into the soft flesh of their opponents swollen breasts and crotch mound. Who will win?!… Who cares as long as we get to watch!

Match 3Melissa Jacobs has been on vacation for a while, but she is back from her rest and she is readier than ever to kick some ass. However, Ariel X is the current DT interim champ. Melissa is chomping at the bit to crush Ariel, but Ariel may be a tougher opponent than she seems. These warriors enter into some of the most devastating rounds of wrestling that DT has ever caught on film. Their spirits and bodies seem too strong to break, but there can only be one Double Trouble champion. Who will win: the prodigal daughter or the reigning queen? You better watch this video and find out because the future of DT is on the line.


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