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Match 1 -Martin may look like a bald and frumpy old man, but he has two beautiful young girlfriends. Well, Prinzzess is his long time girlfriend, Celeste Star is merely his mistress. One day Martin notices Prinzzess coming home from work early. Instead of giving Celeste a warning, he promptly runs for the hills. The surprised paramour and the jilted lover must make sense of the situation on their own. The angry questions lead to loud cursing, which leads to some erotic violence. The two young women begin their fighting in tight fitting cocktail dresses. The elegant, yet sexy outfits are eventually stripped, leaving the girls to fight in nothing but their skimpy underwear. With their perky little tits now bared, they fight like they have nothing to lose. The winner, in an extremely cruel fashion, verbally and physically batters the now crying loser and makes her crawl out of the house to never see Martin again.

Match 2 -Abigail Mac has applied to be one of Mr. Stone’s personal bodyguards. However, one of Mr. Stone’s current bodyguards, Karlie Montana, commented to him that Abigail “isn’t strong enough” for the job. Abigail is furious. She offers to kick Karlie’s ass in order to prove she is strong enough. Mr. Stone reluctantly agrees. Karlie is just finishing up her training session when Abigail storms in and calls her a liar. Karlie quickly subdues Abigail through a sneak attack. When Abigail wakes up the two continue with a knock down drag out war. They are fast, powerful, and fearless. The tanned and softly sculpted body of Ms. Mac clashes over and over again with the creamy whiteness of Karlie’s marvelous body. This video has the best of both worlds: topless gorgeous women, and skilled and powerful fighting.

Match 3 -Cherie Deville is taking on the champion today. As she stands topless in the center of the DT ring, Ariel X walks in with the belt over her shoulder. Ariel is rippling with muscles and exudes the cocky swagger of most young champions. The bell rings quickly and the fighters get to the action. Cherie made a mistake when she accepted this fight. Ariel puts her underwhelming foe through a metaphorical meat grinder. Cherie is choked and stretched in a myriad of cruel and unique ways. Ariel’s coy happiness at her opponent’s torture seems to reach its climax as she scrawls ‘jobber’ across Cherie’s forehead in red lipstick. As if this embarrassment wasn’t enough, Cherie is forced to smell the bottom of Ariel’s wrestling boots and then paraded around the ring. If you don’t mind beautiful girls being dismantled and embarrassed for viewing pleasure, then you might not mind this sickeningly fun video.


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