Cali Logan vs. Erika Jordan

HD DOWNLOADABLE Domination Match (1 Topless, 1 Nude)

DT 1429-03 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 496 MB


Some stories are just sooo much fun, and this is one! Cali Logan and Erika Jordan are groggy as they wake up on the couch, both are masked and making out – the kisses are hot and sexy till Cali shakes off some of the fog and realizes what she is doing – how did she get here and who is this naked woman she is kissing. Off come the masks and Cali realizes she is kissing her long time enemy Erika Jordan but even when she pushes this nude beauty away a spacey Erika keeps coming, for some reason no matter what Cali does this zombie brunette just keeps coming with her lust for sex. Cali throws her against the wall, viciously slugs her and pulls her nipples and for a bit this destruction seem to quell the nude but soon Erika is sucking Cali’s pert nipples till Cali pulls her foe over her knee and attacks her nakedness, again to no avail – yes no matter what Cali does the sexual robot keeps coming. Erika slugs, strangles, mauls breasts, you name it she does it but what ever Erika has running through her blood is just too strong and she keeps coming, only sex will satisfy her – a sex zombie that will not stop. Can Cali’s destruction be enough or will the gorgeous nude robot get her SEX — two gorgeous bodies fighting over sex, what could be better !!!!!!