Aubrey Black vs. Ariella Ferrera


DT 1428-01 / Time: 20 Minutes / Size: 482 MB

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Aubrey Black and Ariella Ferrera both work at the same office. They both have a crush on their boss. As if that wasn’t bad enough, today they came to work wearing the same outfit. This immediately sparks an argument. Ariella accuses Aubrey of wearing a low cut blouse to flirt with their boss. Aubrey, offended by this comment, reaches out and rips open Ariella’s shirt. They argue about who has the best set of tits. Both women remove their shirts and bras and start slamming into each other with their breasts. Ariella bumps Aubrey down onto the couch. She straddles her downed foe and uses her heavy tits to hit Aubrey in the face over and over again. Aubrey makes it back to her feet. They disrobe to their panties and panty hose. Ariella proposes a nipple sensitivity match. The office workers rub their nipples across one another endlessly until their nipples are extremely sensitive. For a while Aubrey and Ariella seem like they are close to screaming in pain, but soon they begin to enjoy the sensation. Before they start having too much fun, Aubrey begins grabbing and mauling Ariella’s chest. The women fall to the floor and start grinding their crotches together. Their pain has mutated into a semi-competitive pleasure session. If you want to see two big breasted, topless babes grind on each other and make out, then you should watch this video.