Tylene Buck vs. Ariel X

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Dominance Match

DT 1428-03 / Time: 21 Minutes / Size: 479 MB

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Tylene Buck is waiting for her boyfriend when to her dismay the boyfriend’s wife shows up, this is no ordinary wife — no this is Ariel X and she is having none of this shit! She plans on teaching this wife stealing bitch a lesson, a lesson she will never forget – now she knows Tylene is a stripper and wrestler and that makes her all the more mad, she is strong and enraged. Ariel shows who is boss right away as she picks the blonde up and throws her over her shoulder like she’s made of paper then spanks that beautiful ass. She so loves seeing this blonde ass going red from skin on skin, yes she decides to constantly spank this great ass and in so many fun positions – my favorite: Ariel on a stool with Tylene’s legs splayed around her with the blonde’s head on the floor as Ariel has full access to her ass cheeks and again beats them red then pulls her up to a wheel barrow walk. So many more carries are also employed, the cradle, fireman and more and always ending in a great ass spanking giving Tylene’s rotund ass a real red glow — now that’s how to handle a wife stealing bitch !!!!!!