Ariel X vs. Goldie Blair

HD DOWNLOADABLE Nude Big Story Match

DT 1427-03 / Time: 35 Minutes / Size: 805 MB

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Ariel X and Goldie Blair, two of the all time tough girls – so much alike, matter of fact they just might be clones, are they? We open seeing Ariel getting dressed, she is a scientist woking on cloning, actually she has cloned herself and for quite awhile her clone worked very well but problems eventually wormed their way in and now Ariel has to find a way to close down the program but her clone, Goldie is not about to go silently into oblivion. They meet, both in their white lab coats with hair up and glasses – a fight ensues and we are treated to one of the best face slapping duels ever, so hard it shakes their coats open and we see they are topless under the coats. Eventually the coats come off and now its savage slugs to both gut and face, a real pounding as the’re so evenly matched. Then it’s to the breasts and crotches they go as both are fighting for their survival, their bottoms are ripped off, naked they use the phone cords to choke and pillows to smother but always back to hard slugs. An amazing naked bearhug on their knees as each sinks fingers into vulnerable crotches desperately trying to weaken her foe — but they are just so equal… can the master beat her clone or will the clones take over —— only the most brutal of all battles will decide !!!!!!