Idelsy Love vs. Capri Cavanni

HD DOWNLOADABLE Topless Catfight and Catball Match

DT 1427-01 / Time: 23 Minutes / Size: 547 MB


Two sexy female bodies intertwined is a CATBALL, and catballing has become very popular especially when the two bodies belong to Idelsy Love and Capri Cavanni, that’s right two ultimate knockout beauties that enter the ring and proceed to a sultry strip, down to their skimpy bikinis, and if that wasn’t enough they lather oil over those sexy curves till they glow. They meet in the center for a great test of strength that turns into a long lock up where we get great underneath views – then to the floor for the CATBALL, oh so sexy watching these shinny lean muscular legs as they wrap tight then roll to expose a firm round butt – another roll and another ass… and on and on. The tops come off and more oil comes on as they rub breast to breast, then a foot fight leads to more catballing only broken up by a fabulous butt bumping bout where they slam those amazing shimmering asses, cheek to cheek their butts rub and bang. CATBALLING is so sexy, and with these two babes it’s off the charts sexy !!!!!!