Liz Ashley vs. Misty Stone


DT 1427-02 / Time: 24 Minutes / Size: 568 MB


Liz Ashley is posing in the ring wearing a red slingshot bikini, thigh high stockings, and high heels. She giggles and makes small talk with the photographer. Liz explains how she took her tiny bikini off of Misty’s passed out body. Liz boasts to the camera about how she left Misty drooling on the mat. An infuriated Misty Stone comes flying into the ring. She demands a rematch and promises that she will take her bikini and her honor back. Liz laughs in Misty’s face. She is obviously not taking Misty seriously. This would prove to be a mistake. Misty takes control of the fight the moment the bell rings. She uses the tiny red slingshot bikini to wedgy Liz’s crotch and ass. Misty oscillates between extreme anger and hysterical laughter as she watches Liz cry for help. Eventually, Liz submits. Misty throws her arms in the air in a victory pose, but this fight isn’t over yet. Liz quickly drags her body off the mat, ready for another round of fighting. Liz will win a hard fought second round. With the rounds even, everything will come down to who wins the final round. The winner of this fight will take home all of the slingshot bikinis, leaving both the winner and the loser completely nude.