Match 1 – Cali Logan is Skyping with her boyfriend. She is teasing him. Showing him her new robe and lingerie. Cali’s roommate, Alix Lynx, peaks her head into the room. She is appalled to see that Cali is wearing her clothes. Alix confronts Cali. While the two svelte young women are arguing, Alix notices that Cali is Skyping with someone. After some digging, we find out that both girls think the man watching on Skype is their boyfriend. This throws the argument into overdrive. Cali wraps her robe around Alix’s head and begins driving right uppercuts into Alix’s gut. Alix removes Cali’s top, leaving her breasts to be observed by the still watching boyfriend. The fighters seem to be fighting for the voyeuristic pleasure of their shared boyfriend. In the middle of applying a tight neck scissors, the girl on top will look over at the computer and smile at the man watching. At the end of the match the loser is paraded in front of the man watching on Skype. You are definitely going to love this video.

Match 2 – The beat down from hell, that’s what Misty Stone is giving poor Melissa Jacobs – both ladies look so sexy in their tight one piece suits but Misty is on a mission to beat up the red head. Misty’s misery is delivered in so many ways, she literally stomps on Red’s head then presses her foot hard into her, claws her face, pulls her long red hair, stretches her arms to the breaking point, chokes her in so many ways, drags her around the ring by her hair and all while she talks her trash and no one can talk the talk like our black beauty. Misty doesn’t just match book Mel she bounces on her when she has her bent in two, always finds a way to make each hold just so much more painful. And no ones face shows pain better than Melissa’s and you will see this pained face a lot, like when Misty steps on the back of her neck and Melissa’s amazing ass goes high in the air and she slaps and kick the mat from the pain. Yes, it’s a beat down from hell as only Misty can give it !!!!

Match 3 – You have missed her, so we found a match for all the Angela Sommers lovers and there are a lot of them because she is one of the hottest blondes around. And to make it a great contrast we have her in with Idelsy Love, the spunky little brunette that always puts on a great show, especially when it’s a cat fight and this is one of those classic short skirts and nylons cat fight where the heels stay on the whole time. So much fun watching these two go at it with their legs intertwined as they roll across the floor, deep go Idelsy’s nails into the blondes supple breasts and soon Angela is retuning the favor as she so enjoys squeezing the brunettes tits. On top and from behind but always after those valued breasts, even some nice tribbing action as their nyloned crotches rub to delight but then back to the tit torment – till one beauty sinks her bountiful breast across the face of her opponent and puts her to sleep. So nice to see Angela again and especially with Idelsy in one wild super cat fight !!!!


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