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Match 1 – Lyra Louvel is a dominatrix. She is positive that she can dominate Karlie Montana, so she requested a submission match. The girls get a chance to stretch and talk trash before the fight begins. Karlie thinks that Lyra’s threats are laughable. She tells Lyra that with out a whip or handcuffs, Lyra is harmless. This drives Lyra to start the match early and slug Karlie in her dainty tummy. Soon Lyra proves that she doesn’t need her favorite toys to inflict pain. Karlie finds herself screaming “I submit” only to be laughed at by a smiling and sadistic Lyra. Abdominal stretches, figure four leg locks, and arm bars are all on the menu for a battered Karlie. One quickly sees how Lyra must be a good dominatrix as she milks every ounce of pain and submission from her downed foe. However, this is a multi fall match. That means that Karlie will have a chance to reap some revenge. Throwing Lyra into the turnbuckle face first, Karlie holds Lyra their and delivers countless kidney shots. Lyra’s bewildered cries only intensify as the taller Karlie airplane spins the topless blonde. Will Lyra’s dominatrix ways win the fight or will Karlie’s famous Mexican ceiling hold be Lyra’s downfall?

Match 2 – Let’s compare tits, mine are so much nicer, mine are bigger and better – this is Abigail Mac and Cali Logan sitting topless on the couch together. May only be one way to find out who has the better breasts, Abby attacks Cali’s perky tits, pulling so hard on those nipples she stretches the breasts and this is only the beginning of her tit torture; on the ground she continues going for both nipples and breast flesh, then just for a change of pace she pulls her hair so hard she has the poor sleek one walking around on all fours to her command. Cali can really take it but finally it’s her turn to batter breasts and she goes after Abby’s chest like a woman possessed, smashing her breasts in Abby’s face smothering her, then in a body scissors so she can take her time with the destruction. Next we find them in a mutual breast battle as they smash those beautiful breasts together to see who can take the most pain and this match is only half over, we haven’t even started the bear hugs. So who does have the better breasts? You decide !!!!!

Match 3 – Nikki Delano, her compact little body is so strong and so beautiful and she is just so full of life but today she is taking on Christie Stevens who has become one of the better wrestlers. To warm the girls up they begin with a breast battle, hands behind the back they go tit to tit each trying to drive her opponent to the ropes. That settled we start the fight and of course Christie takes charge punishing Nikki in the corner where she can batter her gut and breasts. Then to the canvas for more demolition, so love it when they go butt to butt for some bouncing fun. Then come the body shaking body slams and airplane spin and of course cross body pin. Eventually the spunky Nikki makes her come back with pounding and kicking of her own on Christie’s vulnerable gut, then up to her soft breasts for some satisfying devastation, sink those fingers in that flesh, bounce on that butt, body slam, airplane spin and show us that bulging ass as you pin poor Christie. The best of both wrestling and cat fighting in the same match, we love it !!!!!


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