Match 1 – Alix Lynx and Misty Lovelace are jealous and violent women. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by looking at them since they dress so professionally. They each wear high heels, panty hose, pencil skirts, and blouses. They face off and soon have each other’s tops ripped off as they maul one another’s breasts. Both women talk shit to each other about who wears the panty hose better and who has the juicier peaches. Alix and Misty grind and rub against one another while moaning. These fighters find everyway possible to attack each other’s plump breasts. Alix straddles Misty from behind and fills her hands with softs mounds of tit flesh. You are going love watching these vixens howl in pain as their breasts are nearly ripped off. If you are a fan of beautiful women in panty hose then this video is for you.

Match 2 – Big babes with big boots, big boobs and short skirts are oh so sexy. And these boots are big, they go way up the thigh as the skirts go way up their bulbous butts and to make it even better they get to the fight right away as Kianna Dior feels Goldie Blair has betrayed her, but the busty red head is already choking her with her scarf – the fight begins. Goldie clamps on a tight leg scissors and as Kianna struggles and flails her leather clad legs, that tight red dress rides all the way up her. This fight soon escalates to a wild fight over a knife, neither wants to get cut so they wrangle from one side of the room to the other – so often they are almost pressing the blade to the flesh but force it away, hands over head or to their large breasts. If this wasn’t bad enough another gets out a gun and again they fight for control; standing, to their knees, on the floor – now their short dresses are riding all the way up to their waist as those long boots intertwine. Finally with those weapons thrown out of the way they go after their large breasts, they pull them almost out of the dress but never quite get them all the way out, they attack through the tight dresses, then pull each other tight for a devastating choke. Big babes, big boots, big boobs… BIG FUN !!!!!

Match 3 – Three beauties hot to wrestle: Hollywood, Celeste Star and Lyra Law but Celeste’s partner is not showing up – too bad they are wrestling. Hollywood squares off against Celeste and a fabulous match begins but Hollywood’s anger overcomes Celeste’s skill and the tall one puts on some killer holds: body scissors, sleepers, camel clutches until a surprise finds Hollywood hanging over the outside of the ring. But we are just getting going as Lyra now steps in to take on Celeste and these two evenly matched beauties go to the corner for a beat down, then to the mat where a choke finds one subdued just as Hollywood comes back awake takes on the winner of this last battle, but soon both Lyra and Celeste are going after Hollywood, watch out because Hollywood reaches into her bag of tricks as she valiantly goes after each of these young beauties. Chokes with legs and feet, battering in the corner with fists and ax handle blows, figure four leg scissors and so many more. This is a match stuffed with so much wrestling, non stop great action from one pro and two up and coming pros, yes, Celeste and Lyra are coming into their own as fabulous wrestlers. So if you like beautiful girls and fabulous wrestling – ENJOY !!!!!


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