Match 1 – So Thomas won a bunch of money in the lottery and now his two ladies want it, well no, they want him and his money but they have to fight for it, so Erika Jordan and Celeste Star are topless and ready to box for money and love – money and love, now that’s something to fight for. Of course with these two we first start off with tons of trash talking. Finally it’s time to rumble and Celeste comes out with a vengeance, you want to see hard gut slugs well just watch what Celeste does to Erika when she get her in the corner, she winds up and when those blows come down they shake Erika’s robust breasts. The beating is just beginning, mostly gut shots but she adds in some sneaky head shots that eventually take their toll. We know Erika is never out of a fight and the next round she finds her second wind and now it’s her turn to batter the trim brunette and batter she does, so many gut bombs spiced with great head shots… these babes can box! It’s a back and forth battle with each getting her dominant destruction with blows with bad intentions. Their sweaty bodies get a short reprise between rounds as they get sponged off and watered up, you want great boxing with two evenly matched topless babes… this is the one!!!!!

Match 2 – Muscles, muscles and more muscles – but these are the feminine kind, oh so feminine; Ariel X and Skylar Rene. Both are in the ring topless and comparing muscles, Skylar is sure her’s are the best and flexes them in Ariel’s face; big mistake, only one way to prove whose are the best – destruction. Ariel clamps her lean muscular arms around Skylar’s neck and squeezes turning her beautiful face red, this is the beginning of a muscle onslaught with head scissors, over the shoulder back breaker, camel clutch, face sits, more lifts, over the knee back breaker and many more, all with lots of great muscle posing. Both ladies have such striking bodies but only one is in control here, one shows her muscles in victory and the other has her body splayed in defeat. Two of the best bodies in the business and you get to see them both in one match and with so many holds and lifts – famine muscles and so beautiful !!!!!

Match 3 – Akira Lane is lacing up her brand new wrestling boots when Kristie Etzold walks in. Kristie compliments Akira’s beautiful boots and then asks if she can have them. Akira politely says no, but Kristie won’t be turned away so easily. Kristie laughs and demands that Akira give up the boots. When Akira declines, Kristie slugs the petite Asian in her flat stomach. Akira wears a pink bikini and Kristie wears a black body suit. It is not long before Kristie uses her powerful hands to rip Akira’s top off and then maul her breasts. Akira gathers all of her energy to rush Kristie. Akira’s pathetic attempts to do harm to the bigger and more powerful Kristie are fruitless. Kristie tends to laugh at any onslaught that Ms. Lane throws at her. With a mocking whimper and multiple slaps to Akira’s pretty face, Kristie continues to embarrass Akira. Sit back and enjoy!


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