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Match 1 – Oh look at these two amazing young topless beauties Lyra Louvel and Sasha Heart glaring at each other as they hear the rules of this toughest girl contest; seven holds each and if you can withstand it for a minute you get a point, should be a fabulous duel. Now I don’t know if you have seen either one of these youngsters yet but they are both spunky trim beauties, tough as nails and they love to get physical – they better because these are some killer holds: bear hugs, ab stretchers, body scissors, arm bars, over the shoulder back breakers, Boston crabs and figure fours. Watch these beauties in their skimpy bottoms, their pert natural nipples get so hard from the exertion as each strains to inflict enough pain to make her victim submit – oh boy, you are going to love these girls, so much fun watching sexy young newbies get good at the holds and love it so. Get ready because you may fall in love with some of this fabulous new talent !!!!!

Match 2 – How sexy are these two in their one pieces, knee high socks and wrestling boots, Cali Logan and Lana Violet are ready for a pro style match with three falls that will last over thirty minutes, till one of them finally wins, yes it takes that long because these are both super tough ladies – now we all know how tough Cali is but this little Lana proves to be one stalwart opponent. A head lock soon turns into a choke as Cali strikes first but what’s this, Lana rolls her over and straddles her – oh boy we can already tell this is going to be a great one. I just love it when the girls get so into the match they can’t help but pull those tops down and we see their sexy breasts a lot, but always they get that one piece back in place. And there seems to be some cheating going on, with pulling those tops down, hair pulling and a few other tricks but mostly it’s just good hard wrestling with all the great holds that work over the legs, the arms, necks and about every other part of the body gets attacked in this thirty minute epic. So get ready because this is one amazing match with two sexy prostyle ladies and a wild surprise ending !!!!!

Match 3 – The fighters begin today’s match topless, holding up a fight card with their dimensions. Serena Blair is wearing a red thong that her long brown pig tails almost touches. The women meet in the center of the ring for a tit fight. They slam their perky breast into each other until one of them is pushed all the way to the ropes. With her hands behind her back, Christie Stevens moans as she arches her upper back to pop her boobs out farther than Serena can. After the tit fight, the girls Indian wrestle. They lay on their backs and point their long legs into the air, wrap their legs together and pull. These mini competitions are only an appetizer to the real match. The main course is mouth watering. It is a multi fall pin match. Christie is rough with her opponent. She picks her up and slams her to the mat multiple times. Serena retaliates with grape vines and body scissors. You will love watching these topless beauties go at it for nearly a half an hour!


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