Match 1 – You’re stealing my husband and you’re going to pay bitch – so says Celeste Star to Prinzzess and she means it. Oh no Prinzzess, you didn’t say that to the fiery Celeste, yes she did – she told the brunette her husband never loved her and that he has always been seeing her – THAT’S IT, we got one hell of a scratch your eyes out cat fight. The blond and the brunette, Prinncess in she sexy lingerie soon strips Celeste down to her sexy bra, panties and stocking and while the girls strip everything else off they leave on those oh so sexy thigh high silk stocking, one pair black and the other white. Breasts, butts and pussies, nothing is sparred as each fights with the vengeance of a woman scorned. Standing, to the couch and finally the floor, they hit, scratch and bite till one gives up this cheating guy. We all love both of these sexy babes and we know they love to talk the trash almost as much as they love to fight and they are both so sexy in their lingerie — get ready these are two of the best doing what they do best !!!!!

Match 2 – Ariel X and Jewell Marceau together again and in the sexiest of sling bikinis, basically topless but the stings work great for ass splitting wedgies as Ariel soon finds out when she takes over the destruction of the sexy brunette. Both ladies are also in lace topped black thigh high stockings, big breasts and high stocking have a wild affect on X, she goes crazy on Jewell, not just those wedgies both front and back but the ruination of those fleshy chest pillows; clawing, gouging and biting – she does’t forget her crotch as the bikini comes off for better access. Over the years Jewell not only got prettier but a whole lot tougher as proved by all the pain she endures. And then yes she does – she makes her come back and all that X did to her she repays double – wow, both get nude and destroyed. These girls get savage on each other! They have both always been two of the best and seeing this tells why – fabulous !!!!!

Match 3 – Erika Jordan has a surprise for her lover. She hired a camera man to film her. The camera man films as she poses in her sexy turquoise dress. The camera man films her as she ties up her lover’s ex-girlfriend. The camera man films her as she beats the crap out of the naked and helpless young girl. The tied up young lady is Odette Delacroix. Odette is completely nude, tied to the turn buckle, and ball gagged. Odette struggles and mumbles pleas for help as Erika slams gut punches into Odette’s soft tummy. Erika giggles with glee as she toys with her younger, smaller, and weaker opponent. Then she winks at the camera man as he swoops down to an up-skirt shot of Erika’s bare crotch. The small Odette whimpers for help from the camera man, but this is useless. If Odette has any hope of escape, it will be all up to her. Sit back and enjoy this nude and wonderfully surprising cat fight.


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