Match 1 – Is this sex or wrestling, wrestling or sex… no this is sex and wrestling. Ariel X invites Alix Lynx over with some sexual intentions, she has seen her at the local wrestling club and likes what she sees, soon after the sleek blonde shows up Ariel has her tongue down Alix’s throat and the sex is on, X strips her down to the tiniest of bottoms then stretches her over the couch so she can lick her entire body but this is only her beginning. Next they go to the ring where X can put Alix in some sensual stretching holds so she can assault her body with tongue and fingers; face sit and lean back till we can count every one of her ribs, then she has Alix mount her and lean back so we can count all of Alix’s ribs… so sexy these lean muscular bodies. Then they add water so they both glisten, and to take it to that final step X gets out the ice and really gets Alix’s nipples to stand at attention. Wow, we even have Alix’s hands tied over her head and stretched over the big exercise ball.. so sensual, wrestling or sex — doesn’t matter with these two it’s just so much fun !!!!!

Match 2 – Beautiful butts and luscious breasts, and these young beauties have both; Vanessa Veracruz and Serena Blair are both going after tits and asses as they wedgie and spank those gorgeous butt cheeks then gouge and pinch their tender breasts and nipples. Oh and let us not forget their vulnerable pussies as they are also attacked with wedgie thrusts that almost pull that cloth right into the pink flesh. It all starts when Vanessa says how great her butt is and Serena says it could look even better and proceeds to give her a wedgie that really showcases how fabulous Vanessa’s butt is, wow Serena is right, it does look better and you will agree. Vanessa decides to return the favor and see how high she can pull that string bikini up Serena’s crack, so high the petit one has to go on her tip toes, but the best one is when Serena stands over her foe and pulls that bikini so high up Vanessa’s butt that she has to raise herself off the canvas in an oh so sexy way. Then they start on the breasts and find so many inventive ways to pinch, pull and pummel that soft chest flesh, but always back to that butt busting and glad we are as these two have fabulous butts !!!!!

Match 3 – Liz Ashley is a platinum blonde in a short black skirt and high heels. Miko Sinn is an Asian goddess wearing a pencil skirt and tan panty hose. The girls can’t wait to fight each other. They even sharpen their nails before starting to claw one another’s natural tits. The long razor-edged red nails dig in deep to soft flesh. Liz and Miko roll around on the floor, topless, rubbing their legs together. They moan and grunt with each grip of hair and pinched nipple. The loser of this epic panty hose/breast mauling fight is rendered unconscious. She fights mightily as a perfect pair of perky tits are lowered down on to her face and left there until she slips into a bitter sweet sleep. Watching these stunning women grind their panty hose together as they claw and scratch is worth the price of the ticket.


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