Match 1 – Idelsy Love and Erika Jordan are two of the most beautiful fighters at DT. Today they are wearing formal attire: pencil skirts, panty hose, blouses, and high heels. They are chomping at the bit to find out which one of them has the best breasts. Scoffing at one another, they proclaim their own “peaches the juiciest.” In a matter of moments Idelsy and Erika find themselves grabbing at each other as they whisper insults. The hair pulling and breast mauling is non-stop. Both women have perfect sets of tits that are the true stars of this video. Ms. Love and Ms. Jordan topple from the couch to the floor, all the while never letting go of either their opponent’s hair or tits. If you are a fan of panty hose, high heels, and breast mauling then you are in luck. 

Match 2 – How far can a perfect body bend? Ariel X is about to find out as she takes on the breath taking Vanessa Veracruz – when will these girls learn, don’t get in the ring with this gorgeous buzz saw because X is going to bend you beyond the limit. Vanessa enters the ring to applause and as she struts for her adoring fans X strikes and soon has her in the corner where she welcomes her with staggering chest slams and gut slugs then hoists her up over her shoulders bending her deep as her thick hair hangs low, her breasts jutting up to the ceiling as her nipples seem to get even more erect, if that’s possible. And this is just the beginning of an onslaught of pain filled holds; camel clutches, body slams, head scissors, abb stretches, more lifts and killer corner action – oh and let me not forget that work of art, the Mexican surfboard or ceiling hold. Ariel can’t help from constantly flexing and showing her joy, even leaves her mark on the beauty — yes a perfect body can bend a lot, way beyond what you would think !!!!!! 

Match 3 – Gorgeous topless babes in excruciating holds that they sustain till pain makes them finally surrender. Tara Morgan takes on Alix Lynx after Alix had beaten up her friend and she wants revenge, it’s a submissions only match and after some trash talking a slug in the gut gets us rolling. After a beat up in the corner one applies an excruciating abb stretch as the other screams in pain and this is only the beginning; body scissors, arm bars, bear hugs, bow and arrows, Indian leg lock and figure fours. Both girls put on these deadly holds and go after the pain – they last and last till it becomes too much and the groans turn into screams of submissions. Their firm young bodies bend and strain in each of these amazing holds, that figure four leg lock is especially torturous as their butts raise off the mat, one to cause pain and the other because of the pain, then those asses slam down jiggling their pert breasts. Two exquisite babes in so many agonizing holds — you gotta love it !!!!! 


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