Match 1 -It’s a blonde attack – two of the hottest blondes: Alix Lynx and Liz Ashley, these two sleek blondes start out with a breast battle – both are topless and smash their supple breasts together to see who can push the other across the ring. Time for the match and beautiful Liz sends a message with a quick body slam and soon has cute Alix in a seated body scissors where Liz can attack her amazing breasts with those perkiest of nipples. But Alix turns the tables and soon has Liz in a killer camel clutch, then throws her in the corner using her golden pony tail, she gut slugs her then goes after her soft breasts, then an air plane spin, a body slam and my favorite a grapevine pin – seeing those beautiful legs spread wide with Alix’s gorgeous ass on top, beautiful. Don’t think Liz is done, no, she is just getting going, she gets Alix on the ground in an arm lock where she can squeeze her firm ass, then to the corner where she takes her turn at gut smashes and breast mauling, then the airplane spin and great body slams and we have a pin. They challenge each other to another breast contest, then back to the wrestling where we have lots more breast and gut destruction and of course lots of airplanes spins, body slams and pins. A real blonde attack, with two of the hottest body slamming blondes you could ever want – enjoy!!!

Match 2 -Ariel X has destroyed every opponent to face her. She has swept her weight class clean with one of the most dominant moves in DT history. The mere mention of Ariel’s torture rack sends shivers down the spine of any female fighter. Francesca Le steps forward to take on the boogey man of the division. Fran is definitely not ready for what she is signing up to face. Ariel smashes and stretches Francesca from the very start of the match. A topless Ariel hoists a topless Francesca up onto her strong shoulders and proceeds to torture rack the fight out of Fran. When Fran’s limp body is dropped carelessly to the ground, she twitches and drools a bit. Francesca’s tanned and winsome figure spasms like the electrical signals between the body and brain have been injured. How much pain and humiliation will Francesca take in this match? A lot, she will be written on, sat on, and whatever other tortures Ariel can think of.

Match 3 -Lyra Louvel is new to DT. However, she wants to take on one of the best that DT has to offer. She is told that that will come in the form of Celeste Star. The two meet in the ring and begin their pre-fight stretches. Celeste is amazed that Lyra would want to fight her. Lyra explains that she is a dominatrix and will have no problem dispatching a girl Like Celeste. Once Celeste picks her jaw off the floor she explains that a scrawny and weak body like Lyra’s could never beat the perfection that is Celeste Star. The fight is a best of five submissions match. Each girl will utilize a plethora of holds to inflict the most pain and gain the upper hand. Figure four leg locks, body scissors, torture racks, and abdominal stretches are just a few of the fun submissions that Lyra and Celeste lock on one another. So if you’re a fan of pretty young things wrestling each other with their perky tits showing for the whole world to see, then this is surely the match for you.


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