Match 1 – Wine and wrestling – they do mix well. Lyra Law is the new top wrestler and Alix Lynx is the photographer taxed with getting the photos for a big wrestling magazine. Alix brought the wine to loosen Lyra up and after a little wine they chat about wrestling and Lyra tells her how tough she is but a wimpy photographer wouldn’t understand. Eventually Alix says she would like to see how good this though girl is and they decide to wrestle – Alix even talks her opponent into taking off her top and then she takes it one step further getting out the oil – this oil can’t be a good idea for the wrestler but she does it. The fight is a wild one with savage corner action as each one gets in blows and kicks that devastate her opponent, great shots from outside the ring of these killer blows. A great sustained leg bar followed by more mutual head shots in the center of the ring – the tough wrestler is in for a real fight, there will be photos but they will be of destroyed blonde but which gorgeous blonde — yes wine and wrestling do mix !!!!

Match 2 – She’s so blonde, Liz Ashley and her opponent is so brunette, Nicole Oring – what a great contrast the ivory skin next to the golden tone of the beautiful Asian. They start off with a tough tit fight where each topless lady presses her breast flesh till one pushes her foe to the opposite side, best two out of three till one smashes her breasts harder than the other. The fight begins as Nicole gets the upper hand and starts her destruction with great breast torture in the corner as well as bone jarring body slams and airplane spins, little Nicole is deceivingly strong and ends with a beautiful cross body pin. Eventually the blonde finds her rhythm and returns the favor with body slams and airplane spins of her own and oh does she love digging her fingers deep into those fleshy petite breasts. Liz loves those lifts spinning the hell out of her Asian foe, both these ladies show their mean side as we have a great back and forth battle, they bounce their butts together and smash pins on each other. Strikingly beautiful ladies and the contrast is stunning, these ladies can slam and lift, so get ready to be dazzled !!!!!

Match 3 – Tylene Buck and Erika Jordan are fighting over the same man. They stand in the middle of the ring, face-to-face, arguing over who had him first. Both women are wearing skintight blue jeans and tiny white tops. When it seems like the girls have run out of insults to sling at each other, they resort to fisticuffs. Tylene slaps Erika hard across the face. Erika stumbles backwards, but then returns the favor. They go back and forth for a while stretching one another’s legs and pulling on the waist of their extremely tight jeans. The winner of this match will remove her opponent’s top and slide her pants down to show off some butt cheeks. Then, to emphasize the embarrassment, the winner crumbles food all over the loser’s bare butt. Now the only question is who will win, the big-breasted blonde or the brunette with the hourglass figure? This match is a true delicacy!


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