Match 1Capri Cavanni, Cali Logan, and Nicole Oring are all students in a school for witches and witchcraft. Capri and Cali are goody two-shoes, while Nicole is a very bad girl. Nicole sneaks up on Capri and Cali and places them under a spell that makes them Nicole’s slaves. Nicole then orders them to beat each other black and blue. The two gorgeous and young teachers’ pets gut slug, spank, and slap each other’s perfectly plump breasts without a peep of displeasure. Nicole makes sure to take part in the beating as well, but while she is busy beating up Capri, Cali breaks free from the spell. Will Cali be able to save herself and her friend Capri, will they exact revenge, or will the evil Nicole be victorious?

Match 2Randy Moore and Jamie Lynn are beautiful women with incredible breasts, and today they’ll be rubbing oil on each other and then fighting. To make it even hotter, both girls are wearing nothing but skin-tight blue jeans. Watching the oil from their oversized titties drip down onto their jeans is a fantastic sight. Before they get to the fight, the girls engage in a round of flirty shit talking. That leads to an oil rub down session, so that their breasts can get ultra lubed up. While rubbing their slippery tits together the ladies begin to tongue kiss each other sensuously. Then out of nowhere Jamie lays Randy out with a devastating right cross. The fight is on and boy is it a good one!

Match 3 -This is a tag-team match featuring Randy Moore and Hollywood on one team and Celeste Star and… well, Celeste’s teammate didn’t show up. When Celeste finds out that she will have to forfeit the match she eagerly proposes that she fight Randy and Hollywood by herself. Incredibly, Celeste manages to quickly knock out both girls with some insane choke holds. However, Hollywood cheats and sneaks up behind Celeste while she’s busy with Randy. These three sneaky fighters have a whole bunch of tricks up their sleeves. This match has tons of twists and surprises. It is very entertaining and full of action, a definite must buy.


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