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Match 1JC Marie and Santana are wearing some very hot ripped leggings in this amazing tit destruction match. JC loses her top within seconds of the match beginning, and that is great for us because her breasts are big and perfect. Expect to see the cruel Santana enact countless cruel tortures upon the milky white flesh of JC’s soft tits. Santana mauls them, pinches them, scratches them, slaps them, drags them against the ropes, and even leg scissors them (a unique move invented just for this match). Luckily we also get to see Santana wedgy the hell out of JC’s ass, which is easily one of the best assess in the business. You are guaranteed to love this one-sided tit and ass destruction match, so get it now.

Match 2Ariel X and Ariella are two girls with some great bodies. Ariella has a voluptuous figure that can really fill out a bikini well. Ariel on the other hand has an incredibly tight body (she actually competes in fitness competitions when not fighting for DT). Today they are facing each other in a good ole’ fashioned catfight. The breast smothering in this match is epic, and Ariella has the perfect tools for the job. Ariel however, is a dangerous submissions specialist and has a will to win that few others can match. Who will be the victor? I don’t know, but I do know that I am going to have fun finding out.

Match 3Celeste Star and Star 9 are young, pretty, and petite, so I can already tell that this match is going to be fun. The girls start the match in nothing but thongs. Their wonderful natural tits jiggle and shake for the entirety of the fight. These young women obviously have more energy in them then most wrestlers. This is made evident by the sheer power and speed of their holds and blows. The abdominal stretches that each girl locks in are long and painful, and the grimaces they exclaim are those of hatred for their opponent. There is nothing like watching women in the prime of their youth cutting each other down with the ferocity that these two fighters have.


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