Match 1Melissa Jacobs and Akira Lane are wearing nothing but nylons to start this match off. The girls greet each other in the middle of the ring with a test of strength, but quickly find themselves tangled up together on the floor. This match is bursting with leg scissors and those leg scissors serve to perfectly highlight the very sexy panty hose covered legs and assess of Akira and Melissa. The two girls also unleash an ungodly amount of crotch mauling. At one point, Akira has a mean boston crab sunk in on Melissa, and then simultaneously uses her free hand to reach south and torture Melissa’s downstairs. This awesome and sexy fight it worth every penny… and many more!

Match 2Celeste Star and Jamie Lynn used to have panty hose fights with each other in high school. Back then Jamie Lynn would wipe the floors with Celeste, but Celeste is all grown up now and has a whole lot more experience in panty hose cat fights. When these two rambunctious young ladies finally get their hands on each other, nothing but frantic chaos and pain is the outcome. Watching the girls’ nylons rub against each other, back and forth, while the girls take turns mauling the nipples off of their opponent’s tits, is extremely fun. The way these girls fight, I wouldn’t be surprised if the friction from their nylons start a fire. So get comfortable, pick a girl to root for, and enjoy the show.

Match 3Randy Moore is the head of a lingerie fight team. Today she is allowing Danielle Trixie and Cali Logan to battle each other for the last spot on her team. This video begins with Randy slowly inspecting the bodies of her proposed fighters. The match continues with multiple different fighting challenges. Some of those challenges include: who can maul breasts better, who can implement the best body scissors, and who can punch and knee the hardest. The best part of this match is that the winner gets to team up with Randy to crush the loser. This incredible match will be a fans’ favorite for years to come. Don’t miss out!


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