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Match 1Prinzzess and Danielle Trixie are competing for the coveted cover spot in a fitness magazine. These two petite girls start the match topless and in the ring. They spend a couple steamy minutes stretching. Watching the tight bodies of these young women stretch in all sorts of flattering positions is sure to get you eager for the match to start. The shit talking goes on for a while, but when the action starts it’s a thrill ride to the end. The figure four head scissors and camel clutches in this match would pop the heads off of most girls. However, these two wrestlers are no ordinary girls. They are fighters, and they aren’t leaving the ring until they have given everything they have to give.

Match 2Cali Logan has been training with Randy Moore’s husband. Randy is not too happy with this. They end up handling this touchy subject in the middle of the DT ring. Randy takes the lead at first. She uses her powerful legs to kick and squeeze the air out of Cali’s sexy body. Oh, did I mention that Cali is wearing a schoolgirl outfit! Well that’s short lived. Randy takes the first chance she gets to take Cali’s top off, leaving her bare-chested. Cali soon recovers and sinks in a powerful rear naked choke. This incredible battle goes back and forth in epic fashion. However, like all good things this too must come to an end. This one happens to end with a wonderfully sexy, forced, foot and leg worshipping scene.

Match 3Goldie Blaire and Hollywood are two of DT’s most legendary fighters. Today they fight in some very sexy one pieces and stocking. However, even in the one piece, Goldie’s gigantic tits fly out immediately. Look for these two ladies to fight like old friends. They are playful yet competitive. The blows are bone breaking and the holds are sinew snapping. These women have fought each other countless times before. They know each others’ strengths and weaknesses. This makes for one amazing, fun, and playful match. The ending is rather surprising, and not one that is common here at DT. So if you want to see an entertaining and playful match then this one is for you.


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