Match 1Sandy White is a DT veteran of legendary status. However, Capri Cavanni, female wrestling’s newest heartthrob is quite late for her match with Sandy. Making a woman with Sandy’s accomplishments wait is a huge mistake, as this match will make evident. Sandy punishes and torments Capri’s tight young body. She is going to make sure that Capri respects her elders especially when they can kick the shit out of her. Sandy’s powerful body implements numerous horrendous wrestling moves such as: the dragon sleeper, the standing surfboard, and the bow and arrow. You will watch in ecstacy as one of DT’s most beautiful bodies is destroyed by one of DT’s most dominant fighters.

Match 2 -These are two of DT’s toughest and best fighters. Most of the girls here at DT are deathly afraid of facing Ariel X or Nicole Oring, so the idea of seeing them fight each other is utter lunacy. Both girls are sure of themselves and think very little of their opponent. This multi-fall, topless, pro style match is non-stop action. The hits are hard and fast. As ferocious as this fight is, both fighters take little time for recovery, wanting to beat their opponent as quickly and harshly as possible. This is one of the greatest DT matches ever caught on film. The fight is beyond intense and the girls are more beautiful than words can describe.

Match 3Goldie Blair confronts Cali Logan in the DT ring. Before Cali knows what hit her, Goldie has breast smothered Cali into unconsciousness. Feeling cocky, Goldie wakes Cali up to continue the beating. However, Cali quickly takes the upper hand. Cali is now pissed off and ready to take her anger out on Goldie. The rest of the fight consists of a topless Cali beating the stuffing out of a topless Goldie. It is utter domination. Cali sleeper holds, tit mauls, and figure four leg locks Goldie until she is within an inch of her life. Be glad that you are privileged enough to witness the incredible show that Cali puts on and that it’s not you who she is punishing. You are sure to love this ultra hot destruction match.


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