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Match 1 -Hot girls in tight jeans!!! Christina Carter, Shayla and Ariel X are all out to destroy each other in their sexy tight jeans, they take turns doubling up on each other, two against one destruction and of course X thinks she can take the other two and almost does but eventually the buxom fems are all topless and have finally subdued Ariel. She is so feisty they need to tie her up completely, then to add insult to injury they pour water over her tight jeans. The three start over again but this time in all new jeans and this time they gang up on lushes Christina – she puts up a valiant fight but eventually she is hog tied and has the water poured over her skin tight jeans. Lastly sexy Shayla gets the treatment and after a painful struggle she is bound with belts and the water is soaked up by her jeans also. Three super sexy ladies in skin tight jeans, they stretch that denim to the max as they struggle to see who is the toughest.

Match 2Danielle Trixie shows up all dressed for her sexy pantyhose cat fight with Cali but finds only Jamie Lynn. The sultry blond is pissed but Jamie says she has on her fighting nylons and would be happy to oblige – this makes Danielle all the madder and she tells the sleek beauty if she touches her nylons the fight is on. Jamie never turns down a dare and the fight is on. The are two real wild cats and they show it as they roll around on the floor, their sexy nyloned legs entwine as hands are filled with hair – hair and legs get stretched to their limits. The next objects of attack are the breasts first with tops on, then with only bras and finally they sink their nails into the supple skin of bare breasts, not just sink but twist and pull in all out breast destruction. They may call it a lady like pantyhose cat fight but it is anything but lady like — no these are two hell cats that want to rub through the nylon to bare skin. This is one wild pantyhose breast battle with two wild sexy ladies!!!

Match 3 -You want real dominance – you can’t handle real dominance but for those that can we have Afrika, the queen of domination. Alyssa Reese is on the phone telling her boss how she almost has enough evidence to put Afrika away but she is afraid of her power, a knock on the door shows how justified her fears are – It’s an angry Afrika! Instantly she wraps her strong hands around poor Alyssa’s neck forcing her into the room where she applies a devastating bear hug, sustained over such a long period during which she picks the sleek brunette up and swings her around like a rag doll. Longer and longer this hug lasts till finally she drops her on the couch and applies a leg scissor choke combo that sends poor Alyssa into dream land, this is the fist of many times Alyssa will visit this lifeless place and each time the big black beauty wakes her and starts it all over again. So if you can handle real domination, then here it is!!!


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