Match 1 -Daisy Chain( Stacy Burke) gets a distress signal and hurries to the location only to find a Leopard Lady( Ariel X) the dastardly villain who plans on destroying sweet Daisy. Ariel jumps her fast with slugs to the gut and head but our super heroine is up to the task and connects with her own hard gut pounding blows and snapping head shots. They roll to the floor with scissors and smothers, each taking her turn to control and dishing out the punishment. Their breasts are soon exposed as they rip at each others costumes, to the couch where Ariel rides our poor super heroine, then drapers her over the edge where she straddles her in a long agonizing choke and super destruction of her gut and breasts. but to our amazement our super fem is not done, she summons all her strength and attacks this leopard clad villain – but is it too late, and does she have enough to sustain her attack or will this evil one maker her pay with even more torturous holds of destruction????!!!!!!!

Match 2 -The two super goddess’s conspire in their corner to defeat the evil one, they remind each other that they must not show any fear – fear is what feeds this evil being, with fear her powers grow and if she defeats them she will take their soul and grow even stronger. Melissa Jacobs and Alyssa Reese are so beautiful in their sexy goddess garb and non other than Diana Knight, the most evil of evil, is the black hearted villain who strives to de-soul our heroines. The two super fems start out with savage and total destruction of the evil one, they take turns battering her, each gets in blows to the head and gut as they back her into the corner and continue the destruction, then throw to the mat they throw her and continue to rain down blows. The evil one slowly rises, she seems to have nothing left but from her mouth seeps,”is that all you have”?. Yes the evil one is by no means done, nor are our two super fems as they answer her question with a roundhouse punch and a kick to the gut. Evil is just looking for one chance to put some fear into her foes, all she needs is a little fear to feed on, her chance comes and she pounces but the goddess’s have by no means finished either — will evil eat their souls or will good triumph over evil????

Match 3Taylor Vixen is such a vixen in her Wonder Fem costume, so gorgeous as she takes on the dreaded red headed monster (Kristie). They batter each other around the ring as their powers seem to be equal, test of strength has monster in the first torture hold but soon Wonder is out and has monster in a head scissors squeezing the life out of this horned being, a bite frees the ugly one and they are back up. Finally a bow and arrow, a camel clutch and a savage beating on the ropes has the monster begging for mercy – but it’s all just a ploy to steal the power from the wondrous one. Without her power this becomes one sided destruction as the monster lets loose all her pent up rage: she batters her in the corner, rides her like a pony, rips her top down revealing those most luscious of breasts and oh does she go after those mounds of beauty. A barbed wire bat rolls across her fleshy orbs till she is speckled with blood, then the bat rolls and pounds her crotch and face – this is surely the end but no out comes the chain of destruction, the heavy metal is wound around her neck and used as a leash, then it’s strung through her crotch and pulled tight almost splitting her in two — and the monster is still not finished!!!!


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