Match 1Miko Sinns looks crazy cute in her little blue bikini, and today she is calling out the fiery Alyssa Reese in a good old-fashioned catfight. True to form, this catfight begins with a cheap shot and follows with lots of blows and body scissors. The girls loose their tops and all of the sudden the match gets even more fun. Their perky little natural tits bounce beautifully as they inflict cruel body blows and face punches upon each other. These girls are young and beautiful, and they are damn near beating the pretty out of each other all for the viewer’s pleasure. So don’t disrespect the sacrifice that these goddesses have made for you, and buy this ultra fun match!

Match 2 – This is a special rules match featuring two of the hottest girls working at DT. The match begins with Cali Logan and Nicole Oring standing in the ring wearing nothing but thong panties. These two girls absolutely loathe each other and are willing to give everything they’ve got to crush the other. This is a submission match with five rounds. Each round can only be won by a specified submission hold. If you are a fan of submission holds than you are going to want to take note of this awesome match and its incredible standing abdominal stretches and figure four leg locks. These beauties are fighting tooth and nail with the unmatched passion of pure hatred for one another.

Match 3JC Marie and Diana Knight are wearing some futuristic, sexy, and shiny outfits in this amazing DT battle. The outfits make their amazing bodies look even better, but don’t be surprised when the epic tits on these girls fall out for the whole world to see. These women warriors choke and smash each other until they can barely stand. As JC Marie crawls across the mat, her big gorgeous ass falls about half way out of the skin tight pants she’s wearing. Diana takes the opportunity to spank the soft flesh till it’s pink. This battle is not one to miss. It has beautiful women, violent fighting, and great wardrobe.


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