Match 1 -You looking for a gorgeous Asian, here she is Jaade, on of the most striking brunettes to ever grace the ring and that’s saying a lot. She’s an Asian flower who thought she was athletic enough for some wrestling – yea so we threw her in with non other than the flower crusher; Kristie Etzold. Oh did Kristie love this one, they locked up and our buxom bruiser knew she was in for a fun day as she started to throw the succulent beauty around the ring, tired of the lock-up she tansitions into a choke – the lessons in destruction begins. One pain filled hold after another, but what’s this, the gorgeous one puts a headlock on, big mistake Kristie picks her up from this and slams her to the mat. Things don’t get any better for our delicate flower: figure four neck sicossors, bow and arrow, savage back breaker and claw she even gets thrown out of the ring! I’ve got a feeling this flower will not be coming back, some flowers need to stay in the hot house – they wilt and die in the real word!

Match 2 – Youth and beauty, that’s Cali Logan and Melissa Jacobs, two of the hottest young beauties in women’s wrestling – knee pads and wrestling boots, they’re ready to do some stompn’. This is also fun to watch because this was filmed almost two years ago and it’s a riot to see how these two have changed, still not completely sure of their moves, both so young and trying so hard to please. They still put the chokes and bear hugs on tight but the pins are much easier to get than now days, yes these are more inexperienced girls not yet schooled in the art of toughness. Wait one second, after the fist two falls we see that wild Cali we have all grown to love – she comes out angry and full of talk – it’s the wild combative girl we know so well. Time for some good old ass whopin’ and Melissa supplies such a beautiful ass for it; head slams, gut kicks, clothes lines, school girl pin, bow and arrow and oh so many more — she was fabulous even back then!!

Match 3 -Another of those great championship matches that are fought in nylons and lacy bras, the last one was with Samantha Ryan and Karlie Montana, 981-03 and that one was proceeded by Cali Logan and Tanya Danielle in 970-03 and so many more before that. One of the champions is still Samantha but a new upstart champ from a different division wants to take her on, Capri Cavanni shows up in a hot cocktail dress and heels to face off against Sam in her sexy black dress and heels — they talk trash and Capri sucker punches Sam in the face twice, a furious Sam comes at her but the fight is broken up so they can strip for a match. Once in heels and bra the fight begins; Sam rushes her only to be met by a kick to the gut and two hard head shots, down she goes but she’s up and into a clothes line, Capri tries another but this time it’s reversed and it’s Capri who takes a shot to the throat. This sets the tone for the whole match, back and forth with lots of dirty trash talking to spice it up. Another in this great series, tons of great holds and kicks in this multi fall match: face sits, camel clutches, kicks to the head and of course lots of humiliation for the loser – some real ass kissing, real ass kissing!!


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