Match 1Emily Addison has been left in charge of the office and plans on finding out why J.C. Marie is the boss’s pet. Both dressed in sexy short skirts and heels, Emily demands to be told what hold J.C. has on the boss lady – eventually the sexy blond takes her in the other room and shows her. Get ready for some of the hottest p.o.v. ever, yes from our view we see exactly why the boss loves her, first she shows what the boss does with her fabulous ass and what a lucky boss she is, next it’s her gut as she shows how the boss likes to hit it and finally to those luscious breasts – how they get squeezed, punches, pressed. This is all to much for Emily and she decides to enjoy what the boss does as she is the boss today – she helps herself to all those parts, stripping J.C. and ending up taking her from behind, that’s right slamming that great behind into her crotch. This would be a fabulous match if it ended here but it doesn’t – we go to the ring where Emily continues to enjoy all the parts of this fabulous body. But wait now it’s J.C.’s turn and it’s Emily’s awesome body that gets ravaged, oh yes and how much fun we all have with each part – especially taking her from behind!

Match 2 – The only way to make Randy Moore any hotter is to put her in some very sexy lingerie and to match her Christina Carter is dressed in a very sultry outfit, wow high heels and nylons these ladies are hot! Randy is worried about the script as Christine is supposed to kick her in the crotch with the heels, they argue and the fight begins sans script – yes Randy goes hard for that delicate feminine area. A long agonizing bite between the legs has one girl screaming for a cut but the other screams to keep rolling and roll we do. Christina wants revenge, first she goes for kicks to the vulnerable area, then she attacks Randy’s beautiful breasts; slaps, punches and finally bites. But don’t think tough Randy it finished, Moore wants more and she gets it with savage attacks to Christina’s breasts then back down to that sore area. Eventually it’s a mutual attack as the both grab hold between the legs and won’t let go. Two sexy warriors bent on real destruction!!!

Match 3 -Domination, face slaps and punches, that’s what it’s all about when Diana Knight gets her revenge on poor Melissa Jacobs. Diana wants her skirt back and she wants to punish Melissa for taking it and punish she does, these slaps and punches have the sounds of the old western fist fights, thuds and cracks fill the air as sweet Melissa is savaged. Then mean Diana stops, takes off Mel’s top and strokes her supple breasts, she seems to be showing some mercy – some gut pounding says she is just getting started. A back breaker over her knee for more pain as she takes off that skirt, leaving Melissa in her sexy nylons. To the ropes where she traps her foe and proceeds to spank that round nylon clad ass. Now back to what she’s really here for – more punches and slaps from all directions and positions, she batters till only a rag doll is left entangled in the ropes, unable to defend herself — and the beating goes on….


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