Match 1 -This video starts out with the young beauty, Alyssa Reese, sitting around the house in just a pair of bootyshorts. Alyssa is telling her friend about an urban legend she recently heard. The legend says that Kayla the witch will appear if you say her name three times. Once she has appeared she will absorb your energy through her breasts and the soles of her feet. After she has taken all of your energy the powerful witch destroys her prey. Thinking the legend is false, the cocky Alyssa foolishly summons Kayla. Alyssa is soon face to face with the evil witch (Christina Carter). Expect a horrific destruction match with lots of intense foot and breast smothering.

Match 2Tylene Buck and Diana Knight are representatives for two different companies. Both of these corporate hotties are vieing for the same account. These beautiful ladies are dressed in skirt suits, with their hair up, and glasses on. They trade slaps and pull hair like the aggressive business women that they are. The witty insults these corporate climbers sling are almost sophisticated… well not really, but they’re funny. Watching Tylene and Diana compete in contest after contest is super arousing. Enjoy this candid peak into corporate America. It may not be perfect, but it’s a whole lot less depressing than what’s actually going on in Wall Street. So lift your spirits with this uplifting story about a beatdown.

Match 3 -This erotic masterpiece begins with Emily Addison and Danielle Trixie sitting in their respective corners massaging their stunning, bikini clad bodies. The bell rings and the girls go straight for each other’s perfectly done hair. As the girls smash one another into the ropes, their stockings and high heel shoes make them look even sexier than they already are. These young darlings are full of pent up energy and sexual aggression, so watching them battle vigorously in high heels (for the entire match!!!) is an incredible treat. This fight definitely boasts some of the hottest outfits seen in a wrestling ring, and the girls wearing them are just as hot. You are sure to fall in love with this instant D.T. classic.


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