Match 1 -The tough Santana calls Goldie on the phone and challenges her to a match but the day of the fight Diana Knight shows up and tells Santana she will have to fight her first before she can fight DTs best girl. Santana is outraged but eventually agrees, then Diana tells her the rules: first round boxing and the second is street fighting – Santana adds her rule, who ever wins the street fighting gets five minutes to do whatever she wants with the defeated, like ride them around like a horse. Diana not only agrees but offers her foe a free blow, Santana hits her in the jaw but causes no real harm – we are off as they battle around the ring, many knock downs as one boxer starts to dominate. Eventually a ten count and we are off to the street fighting round where again we find a dominate fighter, holds and blows of true destruction, leading to the a fabulous ending, the loser finds each of her arms chained to a rope and stretched across the ring. Now it’s time for her five minutes of battering – chained she stands, then to her knees and finally on her back — total destruction!!!

Match 2 – That Kymberly Jane has some fabulous energy, so we knew when we matched her up with Celeste Star we were in for one hell of a fight, we were not disappointed. Two girls with such divergent body types, Kym with all her robust curves and ivory skin, Celseste with her lean, firm figure and cinnamon skin but these contrasts pale when it comes to their similarity — they both love to fight! Slugs everywhere, many hard blows to the gut, and of course solid head shots and even some breast blasts. Lots of trips to the canvas but there is no quit in these girls, their energy wanes but not their spirit. It’s a great fight all the way to the bitter end – till that last hard blow leaves one poor girl spread-eagled on the canvas, out for the count. Energy finally drained but till then the energy makes this bout great!!

Match 3 -What better match up of champions than World Topless Boxing’s title unification match between the current WTBA bantamweight champion, Tylene “The Dream” Buck, and the current WTBF champion, Tanya “The Body” Danielle. Wow, two of the hottest blonds in the history of DT – with the biggest champion title on the line, these ferocious females hold nothing back in their attempts to be the best topless tough girls they can be. Complete with gut busting blows and an erotic inbetween-round sponge down, these big breasted beauties put up a championship battle that is nothing short of sex with gloves on. With these beautiful blondes so evenly matched, this one truly will come down to one factor and one factor only: Who wants it the most!


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