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Match 1 -This fantasy video features the very sexy Kimberly Jane as Wonder Chick, a comic super hero. Today she is facing two powerful warriors: Achilia who is played by Dia Zerva, and Mevia who is played by Afrika. If Wonder Chick loses this battle her entire nation of Amazons will be enslaved. The torture and pain that Wonder Chick must endure during this fight is beyond any comparison. She is chained and violently humiliated. Mud is rubbed into her face by the feet of her opponents. If the classic Wonder Chick outfit doesn’t turn you on then the fetish bikini Kimberly Jane is forced into definitely will. This is a crazy sexy domination/destruction fantasy match that is sure to please!

Match 2 – Nude and just out of the shower Tylene Buck is surprised by the evil Diana Knight, a surprising hold in a very private part has her in a spell and the next thing the buxom blond knows she is in the ring. Diana is here for revenge as two of her friends have been destroyed by the super hero Ultra Babe and she knows Tylene is this caped Heroine. If it’s destruction you want then Tylene is ready to accommodate her, soon she is in her golden super costume and the attack is on but the wily brunette resorts to her secret hold and evens out the battle, back and forth these two chesty ladies fight and every time Ultra Babe gets her power back an energy sucking kiss from the bad one has her in a defensive mode. In control the sexy villain strips Ultra Babe of all except her thigh high boots but Ultra Babe renews her power and now it’s her turn to strip the evil one – naked they fight to the finish, back and forth it goes with lots of chokes, breast destruction, and crotch holds. Evil and good are in a fight to the finish — voluptuous nude bodies roll across the ring till finally…..

Match 3Sandy White wants to know what makes the great Blue Girl, Charlie Lane, get all her super powers – the costume, yes she decides to find out if that’s it. Sandy finds Blue Girl’s secret practice ring and surprises her. Before the heroine knows what hit her, Sandy has her belt off and her powers decrease but not enough to stop the heroine’s fight – the battle is on as our super fem is not about to be undone but this commoner but Sandy is determined to be the new big breasted Blue Girl. Scissors, arm bars and leg stretches – each brings another article of clothes off as poor Blue Girl starts to loose all her powers – soon Sandy has the super heroine lifted over her head and slammed to the canvas, the sexy blue one is eventually naked and being destroyed by the one with all the new powers. Sandy now wears much of the costume and wraps the nylons around poor Blue Girls neck and stretches her beautiful naked body, standing she pulls on the nylons till the poor heroine is almost pulled apart – more body slams and pile drivers have our super babe now destroyed – how much more destruction can this naked beauty take – this is just too much – too, too much — to much for one naked beauty to endure !!!


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