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Match 1 -This is a rather unique match. Shayla and Kimberly Jane are lovers who strip for each other and then intertwine their sexy bodies in a sensual web of lust. That is when Shayla whispers in Kimberly’s ear, “ I’m gonna’ hurt you so bad”. The lovers slowly work their way from pure pleasure into a mixture of pain, and lust. As their light-hearted contest escalates they come closer to climax. The contrast of pain and pleasure, sex and competition, and beauty and aggression makes this an incredible concept and an even more fun video. A must have for any female wrestling fan!

Match 2Tylene Buck and Diana Knight come out of the starting gate with all engines blasting. They are butt naked and fighting like wild banshees. Diana takes the upper hand with a blow from behind. She proceeds to pound the crap out of Tylene. However, Tylene comes back at Diana with a beating of her own. Just when it looks like the match has been decided Lisa Comshaw enters the ring and attacks Tylene with some vicious crotch mauling. Will this unfair two on one assault succeed or will Tylene remain unstained by these filthy villains?

Match 3 -Beautiful round butts, one white, one black – a challenge, “You’ll message my ass when this is over”. An angry, ivory skinned Kymberly Jane spits this challenge at the ebony princess, Monica Foster and we are off – a fabulous fanny fight. Oh many holds are employed, camel clutch, scissors, boston crab, but always we end back at those hearty hindquarters – they bounce, they jiggle, each rear slams into the other. They talk trash, the butt of the jokes is alway the butt – posing posteriors that slowly, sensuously rub across each other then jackhammer causing the the gluteus maximus to ripple in waves of glory. Could it get better, yes – they get nude, all that beautiful backside is unobstructed, free to flow – the holds get more intense till one is forced to massage, yes she uses her derriere to massage the victor — a massage to the delight of all. These bottoms are most definitely the top of pleasure – the ultimate butt match!!!


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