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Match 1Kendra James is the goodie girl super heroine, and she so looks the part in her flowing red hair, little bikini and cape – she doesn’t fear this bad super villain, even if it is Diana Knight, all dressed in black. No one enjoys being the bad girl more than Diana and she gets to let it all out on poor Kendra, she smacks the poor good girl and before she knows what hit her she is in the corner being beaten from every angle. Even when the gorgeous red head taps out from the pain, it only fuels the buxom brunette to go for more – so much more destruction. Hits to the face and gut but she doesn’t stop there, breast, throat and so many to the heart that her chest vibrates. She even pulls down super’s top and attacks her supple breasts, falling out of the ring doesn’t save her it only allows for a beating on the outside and rammed into the post. Kendra’s milky white skin and pert nipples call to this black demon saying destroy me – and destroy she does!

Match 2 – The good the bad and the bloody. JC Marie is the good and of course Kristie Etzold is the bad and this match is the bloody, not for the faint hearted bloody – we’re talking real all body bloody. JC with her curly blond locks and perfect body are ready to take on the evil masked villain and her super powers allow her to quickly take the upper hand, dishing out blows and throws to the evil one. Evil strikes to the heart of the good, literally as she takes the S from super and the powers are gone. Sans powers, leaves the blond helpless and destruction awaits – this is no ordinary destruction – no this is savage blood letting. That evil tongue juts from her face as like a vampire she licks the blood from her victim and what produced this blood is almost too horrible to describe. As the evil one rips the clothes from super, she bites, claws and even uses the heroine’s sharp boot heal to let the blood flow. Never has JC’s perfect ass been so abused and then on to her breasts. This is just too much – NOT FOR THE FAINTHEARTED!

Match 3 -What happens when the super meets the big bad, well Tylene Buck is about to find out as AfriKa sneaks up behind her and starts the annihilation. And this is destruction only a big girl can execute, big hits, big lifts, but mostly it’s big pain. Around the neck goes Tylene’s cape, then to the ring post she is tied, her beautiful breast protruding she slumps to the floor where Africa now goes out of the ring and takes Tylene’s boot off and begins to slam her leg against the post. Back in the ring it’s pile drivers from hell, more slugs as she hangs the poor heroine from the ropes, a back wrenching bow and arrow and oh so much more as a bootless, topless superheroine begs for an ending – AND AN ENDING SHE GETS!


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