Match 1Emily Addison and Miko Sinz are our super-powered good girls and Nicole Oring is the evil soul eater. Emily and Miko are both wearing tight white one-pieces, while Nicole wears a black one-piece. Emily’s powers protect her from the attacks of the evil Nicole, but Nicole has a plan to crush Emily and her frail protégé, Miko. Much of this match is domination inspired. When a girl is winning she is crushing her opponent cruelly, rather than any sort of even fight. Nicole is a perfect villain because she plays the bad girl like few ever can. This fantasy match is filled with lots of choking and wonderful bare-breasted super action!

Match 2Tylene Buck is the goody two-shoes SuperBabe; with her golden locks in pigtails and her tanned skin clad in super colors– a stunning paragon of virtue, beauty, and power. However, when the evil, ebon-clad Diana Knight sneaks up on the voluptuous superheroine and attacks her from behind, the villainess takes complete control. Diana is sadistically gleeful as she beats the tar out of the weakened champion. She drags SuperBabe around the ring and in between beatings, undresses our whimpering superheroine. Each body blow lands with a cartoonish bang as this mixture of campy campy sound effects and violent action makes for unique viewing indeed. Just watching SuperBabe’s bare superhero boobs bounce as she is brutally beaten and humiliated is definitely worth the price of admission alone for this super-charged superheroine slaughter..

Match 3 -The gorgeous Emily Addison is the most powerful superheroine of all, but she is facing Diana Knight, one of the most dangerous villains around. Emily’s red, white, and blue outfit is quite sexy, as is Diana’s skintight black unitard. Both big busted super babes inflict and endure heaping piles of abuse in this ferocious super battle. The fight is very even until about half way through the match. Diana sees blood from the nose of Emily and kicks up her attacks into first gear. Emily does not stand a chance and is brutalized and embarrassed for the rest of the match. Diana undresses her helpless opponent and delights in the pain and blood that she inflicts upon sweet Emily. This awesome war between superheroine and super-villainess leaves one costumed cutie totally destroyed!


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