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Match 1Tanya Danielle and Diana Knight are dating the same guy. They are furious with each other and decide to have it out right then and there in the ring. Both girls agree that the loser of their fight must stay away from the boyfriend for the rest of their lives. Tanya is very confident and, as always, a bitch goddess of trash talk. She takes the upper hand early in the match, pummeling Diana’s pristine face. Diana wretches and spits bright red blood onto the blue mat. She is hurt, but nowhere near finished. Diana regains her composure and proceeds to smash Tanya’s body and ego over and over again. The fighters each take delight in beating the other girl until she is disfigured to the point where no man could possibly want her. A blood-drenched and topless loser is left knocked out on the mat, maimed and broken.

Match 2Celeste Star and Star 9 are young and energetic beauties. During the first seconds of struggle Star 9’s top pops off and her perky tits are on display from then on. As a viewer, you will be torn over whether to look at Star 9’s great rack or Celeste’s awesome thong-clad ass. Either way, both girls look great struggling in battle. Neither one is very fond of losing, as is evident in the extremely painful and long holds they inflict on each other. Although these girls are young, they fight like veterans. Their passion and fire is evident from the get-go, and is only eclipsed by the sheer beauty their bodies possess. A blistering fight between two gorgeous young women, rocketing across the mat like the shooting Stars that they are.

Match 3 -What a vast array of beauties we have here at DT– and the lethal lovelies in this match are perfect examples. : Red headed vixen Kendra James’ pale skin and flaming tresses are a bright contrast to the exotic Santana’s deeply tanned body and silky black locks. takes on the exotic Santana and they are a study in contrasts with Kendra’s pale skin and, both girls starting the match in thongs, the better to emphasize their bodacious buns.. These girls also have some of the best breasts in wrestling, As always, Santana is a great smack talker, and backs it up with some very unique leg and arm holds. Santana’s skill is obvious, but Kendra’s sly and tricky nature is not to be underrated. Two exotic looking girls tearing into each other makes for a wildly enthusiastic and erotic encounter.


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