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Match 1 -Hits, hits and more hits that’s what’s in store for you with this match. Lots of hard fists and slaps to the face and all with that certain punch sound found in these matches. Melissa Jacobs and Diana Knight back at it again, and again Melissa shows up in that certain skirt that so gets under Diana’s skin – she challenges Melissa to a slug feast, who can take the most blows, in the center of the ring they take turns whacking each other into oblivion . Diana eventually traps the lovely Melissa in the corner and after she slugs her silly she undoes her top and tortures her breasts, followed by more battering to the face then she bends her poor victim over her knee and adds more smacks to her body and breasts. The final humiliation finds on girls in only her nylons – no skirt – only destruction. If you like punches to the face by two of the best and most beautiful then this is the match for you.

Match 2Akira in shirt and jeans confronts Tanya, also in shirt and jeans, about the way Tanya treated her boyfriend. Tough Tanya is having none of this and says the jerk deserved everything he got, but Akira won’t quit so Tanya stands, to tell her full side of the tale and oh how she tells it. Soon we are off to an old western style fist fight, back and forth they pound each other. They get so hot they have to take off their tops and continue to bash each other wearing only their tight jeans. On the floor they straddle one another and take turns battering, a lot of great p.o.v. shots make you feel like you’re right there underneath them, and you won’t even mind getting punched. Great trash talking and a slamming great fist fight from two beauties that know how to make a fight HOT!

Match 3Stacy moved into a neighborhood that is controlled by Francesca, and to make matters worse she stared to have an affair with the guy Francesca is seeing. You can only imagine the sparks when these two cheating married ladies come together – the war of words is only topped by their war of fists. Yes this is another knock down drag out fist fight. The trash talking never stops, not even while they are bashing the hell out of each other. Hits so hard it knocks them across the room, into the wall and they continue. These are without a doubt two of the best at this – you will feel their pain, AND LOVE IT!


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