Match 1 -This video is more of a candid observation of a Double Trouble training session than it is an actual competitive match. Diana Knight and Randy Moore are in the ring today practicing tests of strength. One by one they go through multiple varieties of standing and lying down tests of strength and bear hugs. However, after each hold is squeezed or stretched to its’ fullest, the spent beauties luxuriate, grind, and caress each other. This is how many of our DT training sessions go: the girls train, get turned on by one another’s hotness, get a little nasty, and then train some more. It is a vicious circle, but it is extremely fun to watch.

Match 2Ariel X is an incredibly strong and skilled young fighter. In fact, she is so cocky that she has been telling everyone that she could take on two DT wrestlers at once. Ariel would most likely wipe the floor with most girls. However, today Francesca Le and Goldie Blair have answered Ariel’s challenge. Fran and Goldie are gods among mortal women. They immediately overwhelm Ariel and choke and smother every last ounce of air out of her. Ariel gasps for air as she is ruthlessly pummeled in between chokes. This two on one destruction match is proof that the longer you fight for DT, the closer you get to greatness.

Match 3Danielle Trixie and Melissa Jacobs are some smokin’ hot, panty hose wearing young ladies. They begin this video completely nude, except for some beautiful panty hose. Legs are the real stars of this match. You will see tons of leg scissors, knees, bow and arrows, boston crabs, and full mounts. These adorable honeys are more than willing to get down and rub their legs raw. Will the fiery, tattooed red head bend Danielle’s abdomen until she has a permanent crease in her lower back or will the pretty blonde leg scissor Melissa until her guts squeeze out of her ears? You are going to love this powerful pantyhose match.


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