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Match 1 -Skimpy sling shot bikinis, two gorgeous blondes and oil, these are the ingredients for one super sexy match. JC Marie and Cherie Deville are two of the sexiest blondes around, both with fabulous bodies and bountiful butts of beauty. They meet in the ring and strip out of their shorts revealing the bottoms of these micro string sling shot bikinis and then start bumping chests to see who has the strongest chest, but soon they hit the ground and roll locked in each others embrace. Finally they stand and now comes the great idea to use oil, wow, is this a good idea because these two are so sexy with oil, just watching them spreading the oil over their soft skin, their hands gliding over the the wonderful curves. Once lathered up they start the rolling again only stopping to apply more oil, then a magnificent butt contest with two of the best behinds in the business, and to make it even better they soak their gorgeous behinds in oil then slam all that butt flesh together, next some tribbing but now it’s the butt that rubs the crotch and the girls are really getting turned on. A tight bear hug and more rolling caps this sensuous battle, yes the contests have winners and losers and yes their is a final victor but really, can anyone be a loser here? The answer is no, because the loser gets a sensuous rub down, but the real winner is you, because watching this mixture of skimpy sling shot bikinis, hot blondes and oil is one fabulous treat !!!!!

Match 2 -What is Odette Delacroix thinking? Getting in the ring with Ariel X is bad enough but getting in with her to do bare fisted boxing is just crazy, Ariel is just too strong, yes Odette is tough but being tough may be just what gets her destroyed, yes she can take a punch but taking too many can be detrimental to your health. They both start off topless, but first X has to regale us with a show of her muscular body, she flexes over and over making sure poor Odette knows what she’s in for. Soon X delivers on her promise to destroy as the blows come fast and furious, to the head and gut, over and over she slams the petit blonde till finally she is saved by the bell. But this is just one of many vicious rounds, why doesn’t Odette just give up, those gut blows are too devastating and all those head shots are causing major damage but Odette seems to have some kind of plan for the big bully and once X kicks her when she is down something seems to change in the little blonde, yes the muscular X is getting tired but does Odette really think she has a chance just because the muscular beauty is waning a bit? This would be too much of a come back even for this spunky one, she goes for it and a wild ending ensues. Great fight from two gutsy ladies, wild wonderful destruction – bare fisted slamming with bad intentions !!!!!

Match 3 -You know what you get when Goldie Blair and Kianna Dior get in the ring together – you get a breast battle, a super breast battle! Right away they start off with some strong chest bumping as savagely they slam breast flesh together, then a tight bear hug again presses those mammaries together as they pull hard with their arms, tighter and tighter they pull till four almost become two. And this is just the beginning of a huge breast feast, lots of slamming in the corners, mauling with both hands on one huge breast then two hands on both breasts and of course lots of great smothers; both breasts then one to cover the face and yes each of these ladies has a breast big enough to cover the face. Even some novel moves like a head lock that turns into a breast smother, with these girls breasts become weapons, big fleshy pillow weapons of soft destruction. They are also the focus of destruction as each attacks those womanly mounds with rope attacks and breast smashes, they each love their gorgeous breasts and love going after each others soft vulnerable breast flesh – and no one can do it better then these two queens of the best breast battles !!!!


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