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Match 1Tylene Buck and Goldie Blair are DT veterans fighting each other in a traditional Mui Thai match. The girls start the fight topless, wearing nothing but their Mui Thai gear. Their big breasts juggle and sway with each swing of a punch. This match has lots of action and a whole load of knockdowns. The dirty Goldie manages to sneak in a couple powerful suckerpunches, but will they be enough to win the fight? Don’t count either one of these girls out of a fight. When you see the punishment that these girls take you’re gonna love this classic match between DT greats!

Match 2 – Newbie Kendra James asks DT legend Santana to teach her how to be a successful fighter. Santana agreed to train Kendra in a sparring match, but she has no intention of helping inferior talent like Kendra. Santana plans on beating the stuffing out of her, like a little squeek toy. However, the lively Kendra has a few tricks up her sleeve as well. This boxing match is filled with surprises and fun beat-downs. Will the exotic legend once again triumph or will the fiery ginger snap see the start of a new era?

Match 3Emily Addison and Cali Logan are sitting on the couch wondering how they can extend their vacation, two gorgeous young girls that need money. They know of a topless boxing tournament that pays a thousand dollars to the winner, so they decide to enter but not hurt each other and split the money. At the ring they disrobe revealing two of the best young bodies you will ever see, we are treated to so much as they are already sans tops and those string bottoms are well – strings. Starts out like planned but soon one girl is giving a little too much – she wants all the money and goes for the beat down. Soon our other little beauty catches on and we have a real fight, lots of hard blows to both face and gut – hard as these bodies are they still shimmy from the blows, breasts jiggle with each slam. Even the breast are subjected to being hammered. Great out of the ring angles add to this wonderful bout of fun — two of DTs hottest young beauties on an entertaining road to smack-down!


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