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Match 1Cali Logan struts around the ring in her hot party dress, heels and black nylons – showing off the championship belt. Dia Zerva enters in her short skirt, red nylons and heels – she challenges the haughty Cali to a match. It’s a hard core, multi fall match and after each pin they go to their corner but with no rest. They both agree and strip down to Nylons and bras, Cali starts with some hard punches to Dia’s face and a kick sends her to the mat where Cali wraps her nylon clad sleek legs around Dia’s neck and squeezes, then picks her up for a head slamming pile driver – one isn’t enough so she does another high hard pile driver then a kick to the head, all this makes for an easy first pin. Dia is in no condition to start the next round but start it we do – a lot more torture is coming her way, bloody and battered she seems out of it but Dia is one tough cookie. She comes back and dishes out her own punishment the way only Dia can. Their strong, sleek legs become the primary weapons – both ladies have been destroyed so who will be the last one standing – who has to kiss the others beautiful legs in an act of humiliation?

Match 2Karlie Montana is quickly becoming a DT star and boy does she know it! She demands a match against the reigning champion as she walks around the DT headquarters like she owns the place. Today she is the star of a DT photo shoot, but is suddenly interrupted by a very rude Tanya Danielle. Tanya wants to teach Karlie a lesson. The DT vet knocks Karlie to the ground and immediately applies a very sexy choke by doing the splits over Karlie’s throat. After being so thoroughly embarrassed, Karlie demands they fight a real no holds barred match right then and there, but when it’s over the loser must be a slave to the winner. Karlie has a great ass and employs it beautifully to face sit Tanya, but will that be enough? This is a brutal match where the loser’s face is left bruised and covered in blood, and is then forced to kiss and worship the winner. This match may be a little sadistic, but it sure is fun to watch!

Match 3 -Both of these gorgeous women, Tylene Buck and Tasha Welch start out the fight in matching white sports bras and beige pantyhose. This multi-fall match is a real battle; each wrestler is a DT regular and has no intention of losing. The wins go back and forth as both contenders unleash cruel body blows, face sits, and vicious knees. To add insult to injury, the girls often hold up their opponent’s legs to show the camera the incapacitated girl’s under carriage. These girls are quite loud. Tylene talks a great game and Tasha’s raspy screams are quite the turn on. This match brings a whole new meaning to the word cruel. These girls are pros and they unleash a whoopin’ just for your pleasure.


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