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Match 1Celeste Star is the DT champion, but Samantha Ryan is chomping at the bit to take that championship belt away from her. These young ladies are in great shape, and it is quite the treat to see them rip each other’s tiny bikini tops off. A bare-breasted Samantha uses the bikini tops to tie up Celeste’s hands and feet and then kicks and knees the helpless Celeste around the ring. Watching her writhing body convulse and victimized by Samantha’s blows is tantalizing. Celeste is still no easy pickings as she catches Samantha in a harsh camel clutch and damn near breaks her neck pulling her head backwards. To add some extra shame to the whole affair, Celeste schoolgirl pins Samantha while talking some major trash. Will Samantha successfully relieve Celeste of her belt or will Celeste remain the dominant champion of DT?

Match 2Tanya Daniele is perturbed that Tylene Buck called her out and forced her into this match. These two blonde veterans have a real dislike for each other.While Tanya bitches to the camera man, Tylene comes flying at Tanya in a screaming rage. The two buxom beauties go at each other, ferociously ripping their tops off and mauling each other’s crotch. There are scissors galore in this intense match. Beautiful blonde tresses fly through the air as these girls do everything they can to break their opponent, including breaking toes. This is a glorious knockdown, drag-out donnybrook featuring two of the most gorgeous and requested veterans in DT Wrestling history.

Match 3Melissa Jacobs and Cali Logan are wearing nothing but stockings and panties in this scintillating video. Melissa starts the match with a tight bearhug that sends Cali’s adorable pigtails flailing in all directions. In retaliation Cali locks Melissa in a cruel standing head scissors. After several bone-crushing blows Melissa is nearly out, but Cali is dead set on humiliating the lovely Melissa. Cali stands Melissa up and using plastic wrap, begins to wrap Melissa’s torso very tightly. However, before Melissa’s arms and legs are bound, she grabs the plastic wrap from Cali, beats her with it and then packages Cali in her own plastic wrap. Cali yelps helplessly, her arms immobilized, allowing Mellisa to do whatever she wants. After beating Cali some more, Melissa wraps her all the way from her shoulders to her knees. The paralyzed Cali is then tortured until she passes out from exhaustion. This is a fun and exciting match with two hot girls in some hot outfits!


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