Match 1Cali Logan wants a true test of her toughness and she gets it when she steps into the ring with non other than the ultimate buxom blond warrior, Sandy White. It’s amazing how someone so small as Cali can give the larger Sandy such a battle, even right up to the bitter end she makes it competitive. This match is nothing like PS-031-HQ where Sandy meets Kristie Etzold in one of the best ever big girl matches of power vs. power, no in this one Cali has to use her speed to compete against brut strength. Sandy picks her up like a rag doll, she throws and slams her all over the ring. But Cali always springs back and even has some surprises of her own, like the great drop kicks she dishes out. Even in the last fall they are both ready to pin – the loser demands a rematch and is training for it as we speak.

Match 2 – The delectable Cali Logan is being interviewed about some rumors being spread about her – the one spreading those rumors shows up, the dishy Akira Lane and she wants the belt Cali has. “Bring it on” says our tough champ and soon Cali is in the ring striping down to her nylons and bra, ready to do battle with her one time friend. Akira also in nylons begins with a savage attack; kicks, punches. breast smother, head crushing neck scissor and finally a pin. Next fall finds a revived Cali, she starts out with some destructive kicks of her own that lead to more devastation till Akira is forced to submit, due to her body being stretched to the tortuous limit on Cali’s back. Get ready for the third fall – it lives up to all we could ask for – savage kicks, punches and holds. Only one woman is leaving this ring healthy and with that belt, they are both willing to destroy to have it!

Match 3Alyssa Reece in her sexy short skirt that reveals her killer legs looks across the ring at a very angry Lisa Comshaw. Alyssa beat up Lisa’s daughter and Lisa is here for revenge. Alyssa tells Lisa that she is going to destroy her and make her kiss her shoes, “just like I did to that bitch of a daughter”. Enraged, Lisa uses her anger to to begin a vicious attack against the mouthy young beauty. A hard kick to that firm belly, head lock, waist scissor, long smothering face sit – she even uses her shoe as a weapon. Anger can only sustain you so long, youth on the other hand goes much further – Alyssa takes over – now it’s her turn to destroy! She does all Lisa did to her and much more. How much can Lisa take and how sadistic can Alyssa be? Can the veteran come back or will she have to Kiss Alyssa’s shoes?


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