Match 1 -Two young and gorgeous brunettes, Emily Addison and Melissa Jacobs duel each other in this tasty ring catfight. The girls rip each other’s tops off quickly and get right to business. The bearhugs and wedgies they inflict on each other really show off how amazing Emily and Melissa’s bodies are. The frantic movement and flushed skin look especially beautiful in contorted and forced wrestling holds. With ferocious looks in their eyes, these two young ladies subject each other to a mutual beatdown, but only one girl will walk away the winner.

Match 2 – We have some severe smack talkers on our hands in this lively match. Both Cali Logan and Charlie Laine are young and spunky. They begin the match with some real attitude and the feelings only get more volatile as the battle intensifies. It’s a best-of-five-pins match that is tightly contested to the very end. The girls lose their tops multiple times throughout the match, but after each pin readjust their tops in embarrassment. If you purchase this match you will be treated to a truly enticing contest as Cali and Charlie pin each other, bare breast to bare breast, over and over again.

Match 3 -Talk about sibling rivalry! Prinzzess and Cherokee are actually sisters. Yes, you heard right– real, in the blood, sisters. Last time these two fought, Prinzzess put a hurting on her little sis. That was no surprise since it was Cherokee’s first match and Prinzzess was already a pro. However, this time the stronger and younger Cherokee is looking for revenge against her Double Trouble veteran kin. It should come as no surprise that, when the gloves and the tops come off, this match turns out to be one hell of a donnybrook. After all, there’s no drama like family drama.


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