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Match 1 -Red skin tight stockings cover the long, lean legs of beautiful Alyssa , accompanied by tight red panties and red bra. The same ensemble only black cling to Celeste’s sleek brown body. These are two fiery brunettes with fighting in their blood so the action is immediate and hard, Celeste charges Alyssa and is met by two bone crushing kicks to the gut followed by a clothesline then a school girl pin that allows her to throw some cracks to the face – ending with a face-sit that has Celeste counted out for the first fall. But this is by no means over as Celeste is ready to back up her trash talking, the second round starts with wild beauty Celeste now doing the kicking and one of these kicks is to Alysa’s face, she then digs her nails into Alyssa’s eyes, this is only the beginning of the agony. Fall after fall they deliver merciless destruction: slugs, kicks,scissors, – blood drips from their mouth but still they continue, even their trash talking doesn’t diminish, because these are two wild brunettes with fight in their blood!

Match 2 – Is there anything sexier that a short skirted school girl outfit, yes, two short skirted school girl outfits, with two sexy young females filling them. And no one can deny that Emily and Cali are two of our sexiest babes, when those short skirts fly revealing their young, round, supple buttocks – well that’s a universal flag of pleasure, a flag that crosses all languages, all country barriers. And these girls fly it frequently as they grab each others asses, give painful wedgies, then pull the flag up to full mast for sustained cheek to cheek face sits. Eventually one of our youthful lovelies gets the upper hand and strips her opponent to her tiny g-string, now it’s time to make her pay for being so dam cute. She torments her poor victim until she knocks her out but each time she lovingly kisses her inviting breasts, stroking her erect nipples with her tongue till she awakens – only to find she has even more torment ahead of her.

Match 3 -Long sexy legs in high boots, oh yes – both Alyssa and Kristiana show off their strong wheels in this match. Kristiana is mad that Alyssa beat up her brother and has come to the ring for revenge, but spunky Alyssa loves the chance to now beat up the sister as well, constantly she taunts her foe about what she did to her brother – it’s as though she wants Kristiana mad, like she feeds off the anger. Both are out to prove who has the stronger legs, as they put on head and body scissors but it’s those wild gut slugs that eventually subdue one of these beauties – once down the other starts to really show off her strong legs and adds even more slugs to the gut, kicks and head punches, finishing with a super sexy leg choke!


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