Match 1 – “I’m going to kick that little bitches ass,” Christina snarls as she warms up for her opponent. This is music to Tanya’s ears, she’s the queen of trash talking. Everyone’s been waiting for these two cats to meet, and you won’t be disappointed as the fur really flies. Soon the are kneeling in a mutual bearhug, smashing those large fleshy chests together. Tanya has her in a waist scissors when Christina grabs her crotch but Tanya won’t let go so Christina stands and still Tanya maintains. Next they are in the middle of the ring trading hard gut slugs, a camel clutch, breast destruction – you name it they do it and all as they keep talking shit. Everyone wants to see these two together – AND IT’S WORTH IT !

Match 2 – Is Emily ready for the wild Celeste? Is anyone ready when Celsete really lets go? Test of strength has the girls about even till Emily gives her foe a hard kick and takes over. Emily just loves pulling Celest’s top off and finds her supple breasts fit perfectly over Celeste’s face, all the better to smother her with. Oh no, she’s made our Latin beauty angry, and it’s not nice to make Celeste angry – “I’m going to kill you”, she yells as she puts the voluptuous Emily in a scissor hold from behind, takes off her top and uses it to choke her. Soon both ladies have their feet in each other’s crotch seeing who can take the moat pain – now Celeste is really angry, wildly she bites Emily’s ass, then her breasts and she’s just getting started. Celeste goes savage – can Emily handle this wild woman?

Match 3 -This match is a good ol’ fashioned girl-on-girl rasslin’ match up. The young, Cupie Doll Melissa Jacobs takes on the gorgeous and frolicsome vixen, Eve Ellis. The girls start the match in bikinis but end up losing their tops during the struggle. A variety of holds and blows are executed with devastating results. These two girls give this fight everything they’ve got. The fight ends with a long and torturous rear choke-out. This match is a harrowing struggle worthy of multiple viewings.


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