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Match 1 – Caution: this is one hot video! The gorgeous J.C. Marie and the skilled Hollywood will battle it out in this match of extreme feminine violence. Get ready to see the tops come off and become tactical choking weapons. Painful and interesting holds abound in this tightly contested battle of cruel beauties. Will J.C.’s perfect body beat out Hollywood’s experience and know-how? You’ll just have to buy this match to find out. WARNING: people with weak constitutions may not survive watching this super sexy match!

Match 2Nicole Oring and Santana are two of D.T.’s most exotic beauties, and in this match they’re determined to tear each other apart. Never will you see such amazing long black hair shimmer and sway as these two girls do everything in their power to inflict the most damage possible on their opponent. Watch as the tiny bikini bottoms struggle to stay on during numerous painful barrages of punches and grueling holds. These girls obviously do not like each other. Often one girl will be stretching the other to her limit only to have the hold broken by clawing or breaking a toe. This topless match of exotic beauties is a must see… that is if your into watching hot girls fighting.

Match 3 -This is a fun match: the tops come off fast, the girls are pretty, and the fight is brutal. Ariel X’s body is lean and muscular, you can tell she’s in great shape. She uses that physique to put a hurting on Melissa Jacobs’ near perfect body. Poor Melissa finds herself in some unique and painful looking holds at the hands of Ariel. Don’t think Melissa’s some lame duck though, because she returns the punishment in more than respectable quantities. These girls are smokin’ hot and have a chip on their shoulder, you’ll love watching them torture each other in some sick and glorious ways.


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